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Design Research services

We use evidence based design strategies, to help today's built environment professionals integrate sustainability into all aspects of the design process. Business is no longer as usual and we need to transition to a fairer, cleaner and more resilient practice.  We can help to establish new networks, define collaborators and create start up opportunities that value, preserve and enhance the natural environment. 

Working with you we can deliver:

  • Co-creating and Brainstorming Workshops

  • Research and Information Gathering

  • Analysis, Evaluation and Collating of Data

  • Feedback and Reporting

  • Synthesis and Testing

  • Reflecting and Refining 

  • Implementation and Project Management

  • Post Project Evaluation

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Biophilc Design Research Strategies for Architecture and Interior Design team
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Could COVID-19 pandemic lead to better indoor air for everyone?

During the first lockdown we produced a database and spreadsheet of nearly 40 appropriate technologies for helping combat the spread of viruses and toxins within the interior environment. In which we have collated and listed their various characteristics, all with different degrees of sophistication. In doing so, the following key points have come to the fore for further investigation:

       - There is an ongoing requirement for accurate monitoring of air and interior environmental quality

       - We need the ability to regularly record this information digitally/centrally

       - Effective measuring of e.g. ‘active’ green walls to clean the air in indoor environments

       - Field analysis of active green walls to assess their effectiveness against pathogens

       - The use of IAQ monitors with very fine air filters capable of collecting microbial virus samples for testing 

       - The testing and evaluating of key combinations of biomaterial coatings, UVC lighting and biophilia


We are aware that all of these aims are ambitious and require considerable resources to produce robust analyses but we do feel that there is a lack of field tests of active green systems and accurate testing would provide answers as to whether or not plants are a viable weapon in the arsenal for healthy indoor air.

If you are interested in collaborating then please contact us using the online form.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

These are what we call one of the governments best kept secrets. They are designed to help SMEs innovate, by providing match funding for 12 to 36 month programmes. This is primarily done by creating partnerships between industry and academia. The academics have the knowledge that industry needs, Innovate UK a govt funded research agency assess its validity and approve the funding


As experienced academics we have successfully supervised several KTP programmes, one of which was used by the Design Council as an exemplar. So, if you find that you are loosing out to your competitors, and need new skills, knowledge and expertise to help win future commissions, then a KTP could help you change your fortunes around.


If you are interested in finding out more, then please get in touch.

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