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Salvedge to help AHR create the UK's healthiest workplace

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The phrase ‘physician, heal thyself’ won’t apply at the northern headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians in Liverpool, as their workplace will do it for them - the new landmark building is set to be one of the healthiest in the UK on completion in 2020.

AHR Architects have been commissioned to design the £35m development, with biophilic design consultancy Salvedge contributing expertise to the interior design. We'll be working closely with the project teams to help align version two of the WELL Living Building Standards in order to achieve a Platinum rating. We're offering our seasoned advice on how to implement some of the key biophilic patterns in the interior, so that the building stands the best possible chance of achieving both a Platinum WELL rating and an Outstanding certificate from BRREAM.

With physical and mental health at the centre of the design's inspiration, the scheme explores the values of wellbeing and biophilia, with large, open-air spaces and flexible floorplates encouraging collaborative working between RCP fellows and members across the north. A sky garden on the twelfth floor offers workers an elevated view across the city from a green vantage point.

A simple orthogonal grid will divide the area and ensure that spaces can be organised and reconfigured to suit the evolving needs of all building users. The project aims to create a new chapter in the history of the RCP, evolving its approach to the workplace and increasing the ability to reach and communicate knowledge and expertise to the wider public

At Salvedge, our biophilic design research for health and wellbeing in the interior has been ongoing for many years, and it has formed the basis of our current practices’ philosophy, underpinning our rationale for change.

Stephen Edge

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